Torres del Paine

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This national park with its 242,242 hectares is located within the most beautiful natural areas of the world, was declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1978 and from there to date is visited every year by thousands of people who love the mountain. Torres del Paine is a not so extensive territory that shelters an exuberant variety of natural environments: from mountains like Paine mountain range, rivers, forests, steppe, and lakes of diverse colors and imposing glaciers that are part of the South Ice Field.

From the Tercera Barranca estancia you can visit all the attractions of this National Park, such as: Laguna Amarga, Torres base, Lago Pehoé, Administration, Pueblito Serrano and Lago Gray. Due to its strategic location, all these attractions are within a radius less than 100 km away. (Note that from Puerto Natales to the main entrance of the park, Laguna Amarga, there are 130 km and from the estancia to the same only 30 km).

Distances from Estancia Tercera Barranca

Laguna Amarga: 30 km
Administration: 70 km (via Laguna Amarga)
Serrano: 80 km (via Laguna Amarga)
Gray: 88 km (via Laguna Amarga)
Cerro Castillo: 55 km
Race Track: 62 km
Puerto Natales: 120 km
Punta Arenas: 370 km

Some of the park's must-see activities include:

  • Torres Base Trekking : With the regular buses that leave from Puerto Natales it is possible to arrive to the Laguna Amarga Porter, from where cheap transfers connect this place with the beginning of the trekking trail, possible to walk the 7 km away. Here the local fauna impresses by the great amount of guanacos and other wild animals.
  • The trail is well marked and is not required the company of a local guide, it is 4 hours uphill following the river Ascencio. It has a first hour of steep slope, two hours for the valley and, finally, a last hour in slope of carry, equally very pronounced. To descend you must have the same 4 hours. Just as there are regular buses, it is also possible to arrange private transport and pick up with predetermined schedules at the foot of the mountain. There is a hotel and mountain lodges to be able to wait or spend the night.
  • Navigation Gray Lake : This is one of the busiest excursions in Torres del Paine. This walk along the lake lasts 3 hours and allows you to approach the glacier to have impressive views of its front of more than 6 km wide and around 30 meters high.
  • Unfortunately the regular buses do not reach the lake, so it is advisable to rent a vehicle or hire a private transfer service to access this navigation.
  • Trekking Valley French : This valley is one of the most spectacular in the park due to its impressive mountains and the panoramic view of the lakes Nordenskjold and Pehoé. With regular buses, private transport or driving it is possible to reach the catamaran "Pudeto" sector, cross the lake and begin the crossing that will never take less than 6 hours.
  • The nautical route to Torres del Paine : Through the Serrano River and the Última Esperanza fjord it is possible to connect the city of Puerto Natales with the Torres del Paine National Park. Every morning (09:00) between the months of October and March depart from "Pueblito Serrano" zodiac boats that visit the Balmaceda and Serrano glaciers.